Problem Solving Team Rules
Video Lessons
Find the link for Domo Animate on the gray sidebar -------->
  • You will work with a partner.
  • Peanut Butter is in charge of the mouse first. Switch when Ms. Allison rings the bell.
  • Ms. Allison will get you started. After that, you and your partner are in charge of watching videos and learning to use the program. You are becoming good Problem Solvers!
  • Ms. Allison will give you hints and help when you need it, but she usually won't tell you exactly what to do. Be brave! Try things!
  • You may ask other teams for help. You must WALK, not RUN to the other team to ask your question. Then come right back to your computer.
  • Keep your voices to indoor level.
  • HELPING means give advice, not doing it for the other person. Help with your words. Don't grab the mouse and DO.

How to log in to Domo Animate
How to open a project from last time
How to start your project
How to save
How to make your characters move
How to add new scenes
How to add music and special effects

1. Log In

2. Start your Project: Pick Background and Characters

3. Save your Animation

4. Open your Animation you Worked on Last Week

5. Make your Characters Move

6. Add Scenes

7. Special Effects and Music